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North Region Search and Rescue Training Event

  • 05/03/2022
  • 05/04/2022
  • Camp Hulaco: 555 Mardis Point Rd Baileyton, AL 35019


  • Registration for both days of the event. This registration does NOT include lodging. Meals are provided with this registration.
  • Registration for both days of the event. This registration DOES include lodging. Meals are provided with this registration.

Registration is closed

Join us for this 2-day Search and Rescue event.  Day 1 will feature planning and training, including visual observer training for UAS, ground search training using online and offline data, training from ALEA, and Incident Command by AARS.  Day 2 will be a simulated SAR scenario where we will put all components into place including manned air support provided by ALEA and unmanned air support provided by UAS Huntsville and others, GIS support, and ground search support using radio communications provided by Huntsville-Madison County EMA.

Event Location:

Camp Hulaco

555 Maris Point Road

Baileyton, AL 35019.  

Lunch, snacks, and a dinner social are provided first day for all.  And, being a 2-day event, we have reserved some cabins on-site for anyone who would like to stay on campus and not make the drive each day.  Breakfast will be provided for those staying.  Day 2 will have lunch and snacks provided as well. Please be sure to choose the proper registration as the cost of the cabin and food are included in your registration costs if staying on-site.

We have 10 cabins reserved with 10 bunks in each.  These are group cabins, and males and females will be separate.

Registration Cost:

  • Both days (staying off-site) - $60.00/person
  • Both days (staying on-site, breakfast included) - $75/person

Day 1: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM w/dinner social provided

Day 2: 8:00 AM - TBD


Terms and Conditions:

Friends & Family Reservations (Personal)

    • The intended use of the reserved camp property is:
    • Strictly for personal and/or recreational purposes involving only family members or known friends and associates.
    •  AND
    • Will not involve ANY commercial and/or other activities or purposes.

All Reservation Types (Personal and Units)

    • No alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or other items contrary to the Word of Wisdom will be consumed, used, or brought to the reserved facilities.
    • No firearms, explosives, fireworks, or weapons of any kind will be brought to or used on or at the facilities.
    • All activities comply with all applicable laws and will be consistent with posted signs, warnings, cautions, and requirements.
    • Due care will be taken to assure that any fire hazard rules and restrictions are observed.
    • All activities will be consistent with Church standards of conduct and dress.
    • Responsibility for the repair or restoration of all damage to any facilities, improvements, or the natural features (trees, shrubbery, etc.) of the facility is assumed by the Applicant.
    • 'Damage' includes any defacing of any of the forgoing.
    • All personal injury or loss or damage to personal property of those invited by the Applicant and their invitees and guests, who are using the facilities is the responsibility of the Applicant and those invited to use the facilities.
    • Applicant will not make or encourage claims against the Church, its representatives, or legal entities.
    • The Applicant undertakes the use of the facilities 'AS IS AND WHERE IS' and is not relying upon any statement, warranty, representation, or promise of the Church or its representatives.
    • The Applicant will abide by 'traceless' camping and use principles to and will leave the facilities in clean and orderly condition, fully ready for use by the next party.
    • The Applicant will carry all garbage, debris, and trash to designated garbage collection point to be disposed of properly off site.
    • If no designated garbage collection point is identified, all garbage will be carried off site by the Applicant.

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