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Justin Quinley, GISP


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Quinley, GISP
Justin Quinley has more than 10 years of experience that includes historical site research, technical documentation, field data collection, data analytics, feature engineering, and application development.

Mr. Quinley is a user of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro) and ArcGIS Server to collect, analyze, visualize, and disseminate spatial data. He has experience deploying ArcGIS web applications at various scales, using Esri’s GeoEvent Server to stream and monitor real-time data feeds, and designing custom Story Maps and Dashboards to interactively present spatial phenomena.

His interests include site suitability analysis, spatial statistics, cultural resource management, and integrating small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS/drone) technologies with GIS.

Mr. Quinley holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Alabama and is currently serving as a Geospatial Scientist for Anchor QEA.
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