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Our Origin Story

Like most ideas, ours started out with friends, a fire, and a few beers in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. With a passion for technology, broadband, and doing good work for the people that need it, an idea was born. An idea that bringing broadband to more people could be done better. The idea has gone from a spark to a flame, to a roaring bonfire over the years. Like most origin stories, there are surprises, twists, and turns, that keep you on your toes.

We moved from just having an idea to having a purpose. That purpose is We believe that every American deserves access to affordable broadband because it makes their lives better. In providing it, we drive the economic health and vitality of communities by increasing job opportunities, improving education, and enhancing healthcare.

We execute on that purpose by gaining the right traction to stay on the right path. We are proud to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) so our vision, purpose, values, process, and people stay connected. Our customers know we have put the right people in the right seats that have the capacity and desire to serve them.



Drew Pappas


Tony Franks


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